Loulé businesses in despair over crippling wave of burglaries

In just four days, a restaurant, a café, a beauty salon, a bakery and two shops in Loulé have been targeted by thieves who have made off with “several thousands of euros worth” of goods and property.

The café was actually raided twice and now Algerian owner Rabia Dahi has admitted she and fellow traders are in despair.The feeling is neither police nor the local council are doing enough to protect the town’s businesses, reports national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

“Honestly, I don’t know what to do anymore,” Dahi told CM. “This time they took my LCD television and bottles of whisky and spirits.”

On Saturday, it had been the Sociedade Columbófila Louletana’s €800 computer, some food and money from the cigarette vending machine. On both occasions, the café’s window was destroyed.

It is an “outrage” that police have not caught the robbers yet, claimed Dahi, suggesting the town’s businesses were victims also of a complete lack of action by the authorities.

Elsewhere, businesses hit included a restaurant in Marçal Pacheco avenue, a beauty salon in a nearby commercial centre and the O Mimo bakery in Rua 25 de Abril.

In total, four premises were raided last Saturday, with another three break-ins reported on Wednesday.

According to the owner of O Mimo, her bakery was previously targeted by thieves as little as three months ago.

This time round, they stole a €1,500 LCD television and various steel pans, after breaking the front window.

What has made the assaults even more frustrating is that no one in the neighbourhoods affected appears to have heard a thing.

A source for the GNR has simply confirmed that police are investigating.