Loulé aerodrome is priority for Câmara

By PAULO SILVESTRE [email protected]

Portugal’s airports operator has completed its feasibility study into an aerodrome for Loulé.

ANA Aeroportos de Portugal delivered the study for the construction of Loulé’s municipal aerodrome to the Câmara on March 24.

According to Mayor Seruca Emídio, “it is an essential document, a result of the work that has been developed for a long time and is now able to progress.”

“This is a new project, which is in accordance with the guidelines, and includes all the parameters that will enable this infrastructure to have the capacity to accommodate business aviation,” said a spokesman from ANA at the meeting with municipal officials.

Loulé Mayor emphasised that the aerodrome is “a project of great importance for the development of the council and the region as a whole.”

Seruca Emídio highlighted the need to have “credible partners” to pursue the development of the project. “The partnership with ANA will be fundamental to the future of the project,” he said.

The aerodrome will be located next to the CIMPOR cement factory and will cater for light aircraft and small private jets, serving as an alternative to Faro airport, and is set to receive 15 per cent of its traffic, representing 6,450 flights per year.

“Loulé’s tourist resorts and more than a dozen golf courses are a reason for us to want to take this project forward,” concluded Seruca Emídio.

The estimated cost of building the aerodrome has not yet been announced.

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