Dear Editor

My wife attends decorative art classes at the Artina Arts & Crafts Centre in Tavira. A month ago, the owners, knowing of my involvement with Centre Algarve which caters for people with special needs, asked me if they would like two miniature pigs.  

I spoke to Tom Willis, the centre manager, who requested that I check that they were definitely miniature pigs and not piglets that would grow into massive pigs.  

I was thus assured that they were certainly miniature and would grow very little. Centre Algarve duly constructed a suitable enclosure and pigsty ready for the new arrivals.

Last week I took Tom Willis to Artina to meet the donors. They took us to the back of the shop where the pigs were in a cardboard box, which when opened revealed…guinea pigs!  

The centre gratefully accepted their new additions but if anyone has a couple of truly miniature pigs, then there is a ready-made home awaiting them near Moncarapacho. In the first instance, please contact Tom Willis at [email protected] or phone 962 812 230.