Lost dog found after four years, three months and 21 days…

Nurse and firefighter João Alves is one incredibly happy man this week: his beloved labrador is home, after four years, three months and 21 days.

In all that time João has been holding onto his pet’s vaccination book, just hoping that perhaps one day… maybe, there would be news.

And this week it came! The ‘lost boy’ was taken into a shelter after being found ‘wandering the streets of Covela, in the municipality of Trofa – and staff there ran his microchip through the database.

All they had to do after discovering João’s details was call him, in Santo Tirso – just a few kms away.

Did João’s pet know his owner after so much time? You bet he did! Says the delighted João, “I would love to hear his story…”

The prodigal lab is very much like Gui, another dog who went missing from Melides market near Grândola in the Alentejo almost six years ago and whose owner has been searching for him ever since (click here).

Indeed, Gui’s owner posted to Facebook followers this week: “Just to clarify, this dog is not Gui. It’s another happy ending that shows why one should never give up because… hope is the last thing to die”.