Lost children’s “Joan of Arc” flees UK as Portuguese siblings still “stuck in system”

Mackenzie friend litigator Sabine McNeill is now holed up in Berlin convinced her efforts to speak up for “stolen children” of all nationalities have prompted a warrant for her arrest in UK. The Resident ‘met’ Sabine early last year as she battled the authorities to return five Portuguese children taken into care on a spurious story that was later retracted (see: https://www.portugalresident.com/update-portuguese-immigrants-caught-up-in-uk-adoption-scandal).

Despite her efforts, the children remain separated from their parents – one of whom has had to return to Portugal as social services in Britain are reported to have sabotaged all his attempts to hold down a job.

“They literally followed him wherever he went!” Sabine told us.

“He even moved towns, and still when he got a job in London, he lost it after a social worker paid a visit to his employer.

“I have no idea what the social worker said. Who can tell!”

But the result was that father-of-five from Almeirim José Pedro ended up sleeping in a shelter with not even the money for a phone call, she told us.

Sabine now no longer knows where José is – but she is fairly certain his five children remain locked in the system run by Lincoln social services.

She has since been actively trying to expose the “insidious forced adoptions” racket she says exists in UK.

She wrote last night to her “friends and supporters” that she has been warned that Colindale police in Barnet would like to talk to her and “will find out the minute I book a plane or Eurostar”.

“They will treat me as a criminal, just as the Portuguese Pedros were treated after they had dared petition Brussels over forced adoptions, hoping to get their children back!”

“I will not go back,” she vowed. “Not until they have removed the warrant”.

“Trust me, it’s worse than you would ever have imagined… and the cover-ups continue big time!”

Sabine’s crusade to help immigrant families caught out by the system in UK has been covered by Portuguese national media, spoken about at high levels and supported even by children’s champion Dr Luís Villas Boas, who runs Faro’s Refúgio Aboim Ascensão children’s home (see: https://www.portugalresident.com/children%E2%80%99s-champion-speaks-out-over-portuguese-family-caught-)

But still the Portuguese children she has been trying to return to their parents for almost two years remain in care.

By NATASHA DONN – [email protected]