Lost ball, Tom (not losing so many now!)

By Tom Henshaw [email protected]

In this  series of monthly articles, The Resident Group sales representative. Tom Henshaw shares with readers how he managed to dispel the fear of golf by taking up lessons with Boavista’s golf Pro Luís Espadinha.

We have been ‘back to basics’ again because Boavista Golf Pro Luis Espadinha believes that handling the club correctly helps with aim and posture which really are the rudiments of getting things right from the early stages and somehow this does not come naturally to me, so I seem to keep going back to this.

To help my improvement, Luis gave me a club with finger positions indented in the club itself – in theory great but in practice I ended up with blisters!

However, I was determined that I would not have to use that club again so next time out I can tell you I really concentrated on hand positions!

I do get into trouble for having absences in my lessons, as this is just not good for Luis or for me, and so I have to prove through my next set of lessons that I am willing to make the necessary commitment to the learning process and be a regular visitor to the practice range.

I feel, at last, that I am ready to go and have a game. Mind you, I worry who would want to play with me – I am a hell of a handicap all on my own, but nerves of steel and Luis’s commitment to getting any learner to love and respect the game is definitely going to get me through to at least nine holes.

So you better start looking out for me at Boavista and I am sure you will always want to avoid the first nine if I am around!

I think to sum up all my lessons in a few lines, it comes down to the basics, stance aim alignment and probably most of all, a damn good teacher (I have one), tenacity and commitment.

I really want to prove that if all those golfers out there can do it so can lots of aspiring novices like me with the dedicated support of a professional like Luis.

Watch out for me and the fearsome (for me anyway) nine holes in the next article.