Loss of channels

Dear Editor,

This is a belated response to a letter you published back in December (Letter ‘Bursting the expat bubble’ – December 20, 2012 edition).

The sender (Jakob Lagerqvist) said Brits should come out of their expat bubble and watch the four portuguese channels – I watch those channels mainly to improve my Portuguese.

We have with the BBC and C4two world-acclaimed broadcasters for quality and content and they also broadcast excellent Danish and French series.

As yet no Portuguese production has been shown in UK. I wonder why … terrible production values and programming aimed at lowest level and in Portugal peppered with endless ad breaks sometimes up to 15 minutes in length and they import endless Brazilian novelas.

So I rest my case. I am proud of UK tv so if we lose the channels the only benefit will be an improvement in my Portuguese.

Tony Foxwell