Looney Tune Portugal

Dear Editor
I realise that the business of running newspapers implies filling space, but I wonder if anyone else out there is beginning to wonder whether Portugal is auditioning for its own Looney Tunes reality show?
Your edition last week highlighted much of the ongoing idiocy: the prime minister who refuses to answer questions on his dubious financial past; the justice minister who continues to stagger her way through the kind of judicial confusion that would have lesser folk carted off in a strait-jacket, and the education minister who has vowed to “get things right” next time, while thousands of children are still without teachers weeks into the start of the new school year.
But perhaps most laughable was the report on the Tsunami alert system that gave the good citizens of Setúbal four minutes warning of a rapidly advancing wall of water! When I finished rubbing my eyes in disbelief (and yes, there was a report of a Hollywood stuntman who had driven a hotel mad leaping from its windows and upsetting other residents before sadly falling to his death in an interior courtyard), I had to ask myself, how dotty can things get? Even scriptwriters couldn’t come up with this kind of material every week.
Bill Dobson