Looking for Lynn

VANTEA, THE company now responsible for developing the Costa de Cabanas project near Tavira formerly controlled by ex-lawyer Michael Lynn, has insisted that it will continue with their project despite fears that Irish investors may lose their money.

Some investors feel that Michael Lynn is still involved with the project. Speculation has arisen because Vantea, the company that took over from Kendar Portugal, previously owned by Lynn, has not revealed the identity of its shareholders although they are not legally required to do this.

Suspicions as to Lynn’s involvement with the Costa Cabanas project have been fuelled by reports from his wife, Brid Murphy, who believes he could be hiding  in the Algarve.

A spokesman for Vantea insisted that “Michael Lynn is no longer involved with Vantea”.

Michael Lynn is currently under investigation by Irish fraud authorities but Portuguese police are unable to act if they do encounter Lynn until the case becomes criminal.

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