Look to the king to solve drain problems

Blocked drains and broken pipes are all to come in homes across the Algarve and when these problems arise, a quick, efficient and professional response is required.

For all drain solutions look to the Drain King.

Andy Dunn took on the role as the Drain King 18 months ago and is based near Mexilhoeira Grande but is able to bring his top quality service to homes across the region.

Using high tech camera equipment, power hoses and specialist tools for all drain and pipe repairs, including issues caused by root damage, Andy is able to not only pinpoint the exact problem with the drains in a property but can also ensure that they are repaired to the highest possible standard.


Living in the Algarve for more than 10 years has given Andy an insight into problems found specifically in the region and his fluency in both English and Portuguese enables him to deal with all entities professionally and competently.

Drain problems do not occur on a nine to five basis but the Drain King is always available, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, coming directly to where the problem is and using his expertise to solve it.

Whenever you have a drain problem, contact the Drain King by calling Andy on 282 471 335 or 918 647 305 or alternatively email him directly at [email protected]