Look into my eyes ....jpg

Look into my eyes …

These are the words that automatically spring to mind when hypnotherapy is mentioned.

 Sally Cawte is a cognitive hypnotherapist who is currently practising from The Salon at The Alto Club in Alvor on Mondays. 

“Like so many others, I was only aware of hypnotherapy from television and second-hand stories of people who have been to stage shows. 

“Until I had hypnotherapy myself, and subsequently trained to be a hypnotherapist, I had no idea of the processes behind it or how powerful it can be in helping with so many problems,” she said.

Sally, originally an accountant, first came to hypnotherapy as a client but was so impressed with the results that upon having a child she decided to retrain as a hypnotherapist herself at the UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in London.

“I really enjoy my job helping people, especially seeing their faces as they emerge from hypnosis, they’re just so relaxed and contented,” she said.

Cognitive hypnotherapy focuses on the way people think and then uses deep relaxation to focus the mind on changing to a more positive way of thinking. 

Clients remain aware of what’s going on and cannot be made to say or do anything they don’t want to. Cognitive hypnotherapy can help with many problems; building self-confidence, giving up smoking, losing weight and more.

Sally offers a free 30-minute consultation so clients can ask questions, discuss cognitive hypnotherapy and relax with the hypnotherapist. 

As with all the therapy, the consultation is completely confidential and there is no obligation or pressure. A free relaxation CD is given with the first session.

For further information, please call 917 281 722 or e-mail sally@scawte.fsnet.co.uk.