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Look a real Christmas cracker!

By SHIRLEY EMILIO [email protected]

Festive displays and beauty gift sets are everywhere and flick through any of the Christmas glossy editions and everything looks shinier and sparklier, even a pair of tweezers manages to look polished!

This is exactly what the Christmas season is about: looking fab, bright and gleaming, so here are a few top tips for Christmas and looking a real Christmas cracker. Sorry guys this is mainly for the ladies; your turn comes in the New Year so keep reading – and anyway we just assume you will sparkle for the ball, tips or no tips!

All everyone wants for Christmas is perfect skin, so use lots of exfoliating and moisturising hydrating creams, and drink lots of water. If your skin is blotchy, maybe you need a softer product. Some products can be harsh

Eye shadow creasing happens as a result of the colour mixing with the skin’s natural oils
Eye shadow creasing happens as a result of the colour mixing with the skin’s natural oils

and can actually cause damage to your skin, so go for a good quality exfoliator and use lightly.

One of a higher quality can be used daily and even before a night out so your skin is looking at its best. You can even book yourself in for a professional treatment a couple of days prior to your party night and enjoy a pre-party pamper.

Too many late nights

Make-up artists’ favourite trick is to mix a little of your usual foundation to give your skin a fresher dewy look.

Splash your face with cold water and gently stroke under the eye area from the inside to the outside. Do this action 10 to 15 times and then take some cotton pads that have been dampened with cold water and leave them on your eyes while you take that power nap.

Eye shadow creasing

Eye shadow creasing happens as a result of the colour mixing with the skin’s natural oils. Blend concealer or foundation all over the eyelid. Use your eyeliner and apply the eye shadow with a brush over the top. This should keep your eye shadow crease free.

Smokers, fingernails looking less than they should be? Squeeze a lemon into half a cup of water and soak for a few minutes.

Rinse and repeat every two days for a week and the stains will disappear. Alternatively, dissolve a Steradent tablet in some water and soak nails for five minutes. For those of you who are asking what that is, they are tablets for cleaning false teeth, but it works a treat on nicotine stains.

For that fabulous manicure, I am told metallic colours are going to be big this Christmas but really, whatever you feel happy with is the most important.

What to wear?

That little black number is always and will always be a classic! Choose an elegant sleeveless one or try the spaghetti strap dress with a glamourous wrap or poncho shawl to keep the chill off.

Finally, putting your hair up. I heard the best advice from a lovely hairdresser at the weekend, who was introduced to me by another friend, Chantelle, the manager from Victor Picardo’s, in Ferragudo.

Her advice was “Less brain, more imagination”. Take the whole lot, pile it on your head and pin it or use a clip, or something you feel comfortable with, and let the loose strands fall where they may.

Generally, the first time you put your hair up is perfect so leave it. Don’t keep retrying or rearranging and just go to the ball!

In next month’s edition, we will discuss detox after the excesses! Have a fabulous Christmas. We hope it’s filled with all you wish for from the Crystal Clear Team at the Body and Skincare Centre.