Longer-stay villa rentals have become the new normal!

As we approach the new year, it is safe to say there is optimism in the air. After a year of cancelled plans and holidays, people are now beginning to secure their winter and 2021 holidays. It is always great to have something to look forward to and we’ve noticed a significant trend from the enquiries we are receiving.

Longer-term villa rentals are definitely rising in popularity. In fact, there are longer stays happening right now with guests staying in villas since September. It’s a busy period for this time of year and we know it will continue. Having introduced SandyBlue Longer Stays earlier in the year, we can now see how this model will rejuvenate the Algarve and the villa rental industry!

Months of paradise 
Enquiries have been coming in fast! In particular, guests from the UK and Ireland are looking for an extended stay after a year of lockdowns. There’s no better way to recuperate than a long stay in the sun!

However, we have also seen an increase in enquiries from France, Germany and many more. It reinforces our view of making marketing count – opening up to new markets is the best way for the Algarve and the villa rental space to continue to thrive.

Typically, we are seeing that a desired stay of one to three months has been the most popular request. But we have also spoken to guests showing an interest in a 12-month villa rental. Within the winter months, people are realising the Algarve has plenty to offer and remains one of the safest destinations.

Villas are equipped for longer stays
The longer-stay model allows versatility. From retired guests looking for extended relaxation to professionals working remotely, the interest in longer stays is broad. A main goal of ours has been to work closely with property owners so that they can make the most of the popularity of longer stays.

With the villas well equipped to home people for longer periods of time, it’s time for property owners to start thinking about introducing longer bookings if they haven’t already. Using a pricing algorithm, based on time of year and other factors, property owners can really capitalise on this service and offer great long stay discounts to attract new guests.

We’ve also branched out to offer in-villa services, which in turn allows other businesses and services to benefit from longer stays. Ultimately, it’s all about the community spirit here in the Algarve.

Extended holidays are here to stay
I believe this trend will continue well into 2021 and beyond. People won’t take holidays for granted again – they’ll want them to be long, relaxing and memorable.

With this in mind, we will put more focus on longer stays in 2021. We are certainly excited to welcome people to the Algarve for an extended trip soon!

By SandyBlue Team
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