Long stay visa

Dear Editor,

Since the UK has left the European Union, we are, unfortunately, limited to a 90-day stay in any 180 days. This has/will have a detrimental effect on winter visitors like myself.

I have a fully equipped motorhome and have, for the last 10 years, spent approximately 4-5 months each year enjoying the sunshine and hospitality of Portugal and Spain. I’m not the type to park ‘wild camping’, as some do, but I rather like to be on a campsite or commercial Aires to enjoy their facilities.

May I suggest that Portugal adopts some kind of special tourist visa that would allow a stay of up to 180 days or perhaps lobby your government to hold bi-lateral talks with the UK regarding a reciprocal agreement (EU visitors to the UK can stay for 180 days visa free).

After two years of covid-related losses in the tourism sector, it would make absolute sense to encourage us (UK tourists) to come and stay for longer than the 90 days, as all we do is contribute to your economy. Maybe you could suggest this to the Portuguese government as a solution to any economic strife your campsites etc have suffered over the last two years.

Mervyn Sims