Long queues at airport check-in

PASSENGERS FACED never-ending queues this week at Lisbon’s Portela airport following Portugal’s decision to follow new international safety travelling guidelines.

Under the new anti-terrorist regulations, introduced all over Europe and the United States, all liquids and pastes have to be carried on board in sealable plastic bags.

Those liquids that are allowed, include medicine accompanied by a prescription from a doctor or pharmacist proving the authenticity of the drug. Baby foods are also allowed on board, providing they are subject to inspection.

To transport liquids all passengers now have to put the products into sealable transparent plastic bags to speed up the process, the Portuguese Airports Authority (ANA) were distributing the bags free-of-charge at Faro, Porto, Lisbon and Madeira airports.

“This gesture is not likely to be forever and we don’t yet know how long we’ll be offering passengers the plastic bags for free,” said Rui Oliveira, an ANA manager, who added that in future, passengers would probably have to buy their own bags, but not necessarily at the airport.

“A normal freezer bag with a seal capable of taking up to one litre of liquid would be sufficient under the new regulations,” he added.

For more information about the new legislation see page 54 of The Resident.