Lone raider cleans out three Leiria fuel stations

One man acting alone managed to clean out three Leiria fuel stations over the weekend after approaching till staff with a knife and telling them to hand over the money. Police are still trawling CCTV footage, but it has been stressed that in none of the raids did staff offer any kind of resistance. The man left on foot in all three incidents, netting over €1,200 and some tobacco, writes Correio da Manhã, adding that he walked slowly, so as not to draw attention to himself, returning to a car that he had parked “nearby” in order to make his getaway.

The raids took place all within a few hours of each other – with the first at a Galp station at 6.30pm, followed by one at 9.30pm (also Galp) and another at 9.45pm (Repsol).