London cognitive hypnotherapist Lee Harrold moves to Algarve

Lee Harrold, a certified cognitive hypnotherapist from London, decided to start calling Lagos “home” last year. The 33-year-old was looking for a lifestyle change and found it in the Algarve, he told the Resident this week.

“I’ve always loved Portugal,” Lee, who has enjoyed holidays in the Algarve throughout his life, told us. “It’s always just felt like home.”

He is based at Inlight Yoga Studio Lagos but currently only seeing clients online due to the pandemic, at least until Portugal’s State of Emergency restrictions change.

As Lee explained, many people are in need of help at the moment due to the hardships posed by the pandemic.

“There are people who seek my help for a range of reasons, from those who just need a bit of motivation to others who are dealing with issues like anxiety and depression,” he told us.

But how can cognitive hypnotherapy help them?

According to Lee, cognitive hypnotherapy is a combination of “hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP)”.

Said the hypnotherapist, it provides “a framework and way of thinking that enables me as a therapist to purposefully use a great range of therapeutic techniques, ideas and tools to best support my client in achieving their outcomes”.

“Cognitive hypnotherapy is used to positively influence emotional, behavioural, cognitive and symptomatic change. This branch of hypnosis is different from traditional schools of hypnotherapy,” he told us.

“This technique draws influence from a range of theories and combines them so that they fall in line with the client’s personal goals, values and needs.”

It is this combination and influence from a range of techniques that allows cognitive hypnotherapists to create “such a personal, tailored approach with the client, avoiding the one-size-fits-all approach”.

In other words, the key is to use it as a means of “getting to the heart of problems”.

“Say you have a fear of spiders. We try to explore the root of this fear and the negative feeling that is associated with it,” said Lee.

By tackling the root of these issues using cognitive hypnotherapy, Lee believes that patients can start to overcome them.

“Through therapy, we can start to re-align the unconscious mind that is causing the problems and connect you to your conscious self,” he said.

Treating patients as individuals is particularly important to Lee, who always tries to look past labels placed on people such as “depression”.

His interest in cognitive therapy was sparked by his father Glenn Harrold, a best-selling hypnotherapist and self-help author, as well as him learning about “Vedic spirituality and travelling to India”.

While he is limited to online sessions for now, Lee hopes that the pandemic will improve and allow him to start treating patients in person in Lagos soon.

Lee is a certified cognitive hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner. He is also Quest Institute trained and QCHPA and NCH registered. For more information on Lee’s services, contact him or visit his website.

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