Lodge members make donations

DUE TO a recent tragedy at a Lodge of Discoveries meeting, members decided that they needed instruction on how to react in an emergency. In order to increase their knowledge of First Aid, Val Johnstone, a qualified First Aid instructor, was invited to attend one of their meetings in Carvoeiro.

Val, accompanied by her colleague Maria, a professional bombeiro, took along manikins in order to provide Lodge members with an introduction to Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR), should they ever come across anyone who was not breathing.

They were informed of the importance of assessment, positioning of the person and how to make that all important telephone call to the bombeiros if they do not speak Portuguese. Some Lodge members were able to practice and experience first hand CPR on a manikin. Hopefully, all members gained experience on how to react in an emergency.

The Lodge of Discoveries was grateful to Val and Maria and made a 250-euro donation to the Lagoa Bombeiros, which included 50 euros from the Britannia Masters Lodge.

The Lagoa Bombeiros Fund is held in the name of Val Johnstone (Bombeiros) at Banco Marina, Lagos. NIB No. 0010 0000 24631180001 87. If you would like to sponsor or donate, you can contact Val on 282 471 550.