Locker-hooked modern art tapestries come to Lagoa’s Convento.jpg

Locker-hooked modern art tapestries come to Lagoa’s Convento

GUDRUN ROBINSON, an accomplished, self-taught hand-spinner, is soon to exhibit her latest work at the Convento de São José in Lagoa. The convent’s Pintor Manuel Gambôa exhibition room is certainly the perfect location for her tapestries.

Gudrun moved to the Algarve in 1988, where she cultivated her talent for producing carpets and tapestries from the natural coloured local sheep’s wool, the Churra Algarvia breed, where she uses a technique called “Locker-Hooking”.

The subject matter of her work varies from interpretations of famous artists’ works to her own designs. She has been commissioned to create many different tapestries in the past, including the most challenging of her career, which was an 11sqm rug that took her three months to complete. Gudrun finds working with wool very rewarding: “There is a lovely end product for your hard work.”

She has held at least six exhibitions in the past, but this is her first in the western Algarve and so she is very excited about it. About the Convento de São José, she commented: “This location is so beautiful, I found it easy to picture my work here.” She is also proud to present at the convent an area dedicated to the delightful Algarve landscape and another dedicated to her work using Portuguese Arraiolos wool.

Gudrun’s work will be on display from June 3 until July 5, with the inauguration on Saturday starting at 6pm. Opening hours will be weekdays from 9am to 12.30pm and 2pm to 5.30pm. On Saturdays and holidays, the exhibition will open from 3pm to 7pm (closed on Sundays). For more information, call the Convento de São José on 282 380 434, e-mail Gudrun at [email protected] or visit her website