Lockdown week 3: Portugal’s virus numbers show ‘signs of improvement’

Portugal’s virus ‘numbers’ are showing signs of improvement. Today’s bulletin has seen the number of people being treated for Covid-19 in hospitals drop (-94) – including 13 less in the country’s intensive care units – and over 17,500 people ‘recovered’ from Covid infections.

This latter development means the nation’s ‘active case’ count has reduced to 166,888.

Deaths are still ‘high’ (today’s total is 260) – and according to expert forecasts, these kinds of numbers will persist through until at least next week.

But there is no denying that week three of this grim second period of lockdown is finally showing ‘results’. 

Case numbers have dropped quite markedly in all regions, except Madeira – where suddenly they have almost doubled with 110 new cases flagged since yesterday.

Says Expresso, the bulletin marks the third consecutive day in which deaths have dropped – albeit that they have been at over 200 per day for the last two weeks.

The 260 in the last 24- hour period represents “the lowest count in the last week”, says the paper – while the total of new cases (+5,540) is the lowest number in the last month.

As has become ‘the norm’, the highest number of deaths were recorded in the Lisbon Vale do Tejo region (+116), followed by the north (+65), Centre (+55), Alentejo (+17) and Algarve (+7).

Today’s numbers have also recorded a death in the last 24-hours of one patient aged between 20-29 (no further information on the patient’s clinical history has been given).

Expresso concludes that the “large majority of deaths, in a trend that has been pronounced since the beginning of this health crisis, has been in people over the age of 60, particularly from 80 upwards”.

The paper has given numbers per age group of deaths so far. They are as follows:

0-9 years: 1

10-19 years: 2

20-29 years: 10 

30-39 years: 31

40-49 years: 113

50-59 years: 333

60-69 years: 1103

70-79 years: 2661

80+: 8763

Of the most recent deaths, four were in the age bracket of 40-49, four aged 50-59, 29 aged 60-69, 52 aged 70-79 and 170 were over the age of 80.

Portugal has this far registered a total of 13,017 deaths from Covid-19; 551,956 people have been deemed to have ‘recovered’ from infections; 215,536 are still under health authority vigilance.

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