Local resident writes first novel

Local resident writes first novel

Book || Fuseta resident Lynne Whiteley has written a remarkable first novel, based on fact and a family’s struggle during the desperate times surrounding World War One.

Loyalty and love abound along with cruelty and tears and the author takes very special care in making us really know the characters and the emotions they feel.

Life was harder than most people know during these years and the author certainly demonstrates the hardship and trials of life in a northern industrial city.

It is 1915 and four children are trying to survive the upheaval and anxieties brought on by the Great War. Based in the steel city of Sheffield, where Lynne Whiteley was born, brother and sister Beth and Arnold are told that their father has been lost at sea.

Trying to cope with their own heartbreak, they also have to try and support their mother who descends into apathy, prematurely forcing her children into adulthood.

As the story unfolds, you will be drawn into the intricate web of joy and despair, and also probably shed a tear or two on the way.

A percentage of each sale will go directly to the Royal British Legion.

The first three chapters can be read at www.apocketfullofhope.co.uk