Local resident helps people repair home appliances through video chat

A British domestic appliance engineer is helping people around the world fix their household appliances by video chatting with them free of charge through Facebook Messenger.

Paul Charmbury lives in the Algarve and runs “How To Repair”, a DIY home appliance repair service which has become hugely popular on YouTube thanks to its extremely helpful instructional videos. The channel has over 64,200 subscribers and over 27 million views.

But with the coronavirus outbreak forcing people to stay home and limiting the home appliance repair services available, Paul decided to start helping people in need by teaching them what to do and which parts to order online.

Paul uses Facebook Portal, a new service which allows him to see incoming video feed on a TV screen. It provides him with a good look at the appliances, allowing him to guide people through the steps they need to take to fix their oven, washing machine, dish washer, air conditioner and other appliances.

“It is a way for me to stay busy during these times whilst also allowing me to help people in need,” Paul told the Resident.

Just hours before we spoke, Paul told us he had been assisting a nurse in Detroit, USA who was in need of help to fix one of her home appliances.

“I’ve been helping people from all over, from Serbia and Ireland to the USA,” he said.

Due to strong demand, Paul is asking people to contact him through the How To Repair website with their request for help.

Given the global pandemic, he is giving priority to doctors, nurses and other people who are risking their lives to keep us safe during these times of crisis.

For more information or for a look at how Paul is able to help people through video chat, visit the “How To Repair” YouTube channel and watch the video entitled ‘Helping with domestic appliances during the Coronavirus epidemic’.


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