Local man dies trying to save his dog

a man from Pedra Mourinha in Portimão died last week as he tried to save his dog from an oncoming train.

Jorge Manuel Fernandes, 39, was on his way to the supermarket with his black sheep dog. He was crossing the rail track near the V6 viaduct when his dog wandered onto the track.

Seeing the oncoming train, Jorge attempted to get the dog off the tracks, but was hit by the train that was travelling from Lagos towards Faro.

The bombeiros and INEM quickly arrived at the scene with a medical team, who tried to stabilise Jorge’s condition. He was taken to the Barlavento hospital in Portimão, but died soon after due to the injuries he sustained. The dog escaped unhurt.

“He always came here to buy food for animals” said the owner of a local café, “and his dog was always with him wherever he went.”

Neighbours said that Jorge lived alone and was dedicated to animals. “Ultimately his will to save others was the end of his own life,” said one resident.

His death is the third fatality on the Algarve rail line since October.