Local fishing fanatic earns TV spotlight

By SOPHIE MCCARRICK [email protected]

Part time Algarve resident for over 40 years and worldwide extreme fishing champion, Steve Townson will share his latest adventure-seeking challenge with home viewers when his first eight episode series Fishing Expeditions premieres on August 31 with Discovery UK.

The series will see Steve take on the Amazon River in Brazil, where he will charter around unknown territory in search of his greatest catch yet.

While meeting local people, learning new tricks and giving tips on the best ways to fish in the extreme and unpredictable conditions the great river presents, Steve comes in contact with exotic fish species such as the Sabre-toothed Payare, rainbow coloured Peacock Bass, the mammoth Catfish and even the notorious Black Piranha.

Steve is a passionate fisherman and wildlife junkie, who has travelled all around the world in search of adrenaline filled fishing adventures.

He not only devotes his free time to catching strange and exotic fish, but also recently established his own holiday fishing tours company Amazon Angler, which provides Latin American and Amazon fishing holidays.

The tailor-made fishing trips explore some of the most exotic jungle backdrops in the Amazon rainforest, its surrounding areas and watersheds, particularly throughout Brazil and Venezuela.

Although trips are primarily for like-minded adventure anglers, they are also perfectly suited for photographers and wildlife enthusiasts looking for a close up into the natural lives and habitats of an incredible array of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians and insects.

Even with a lifetime of experience, Steve’s Fishing Expeditions will see him pushed to the limits as he attempts to wrestle some of the world’s most aggressive and strongest sporting fish into his boat.

Amazon fish species featured in the series include the Traiarao, Bicuda, Jacunda, Redtail Catfish, Aruana, Piraiba, Jau, Surubim, Dundira, Barba Chata, Golden Dorado, Arapaima, in addition to many more.

Fishing Expeditions will screen on Friday evenings from August 31, at 10pm.

“For those in Europe and the UK who can get this channel (Discovery UK), I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it,” said Steve.

For more information about Amazon Angler or Fishing Expeditions, please contact Steve on [email protected]