Local dance school stages Cinderella

Students, both past and present, of the Morris Ballet Studio enchanted audiences with their performance of Cinderella at the Cultural Centre in Lagos.

The story of Cinderella was danced with original choreography by Gwen Morris Franco which allowed all the students of different ages and with varying abilities to be able to take part with some of the youngest members of the cast taking to the stage for the first time.

The principal roles of the show were filled by Bethany Kent, who played Cinderella, Naomi Wansink, who took the role of the Prince, and Sofia Rodrigues, who assisted Gwen in the coordination of the show and also played the Fairy Godmother.

Former pupil Luciano Fialho, who now dances professionally with the contemporary Portuguese company Cedece, contributed to the show by dancing two contemporary solos of his own creation.

Gwen Morris Franco said: “The show took two months of hard work and was all over in one day but the benefits extend far beyond the memories, photos and DVD as such an event enriches not only the lives of the dancers but ours too.”

For further information about the Morris Ballet Studio in Lagos, please call Gwen Morris Franco on 967 795 383.