Sophie and Gerard, founders of Bluespot in the Algarve

Local care, international connections and competitive pricing

Sophie and Gerard founded Bluespot in late 2020 as the Algarve and the world were descending into the COVID-19 pandemic. They understood that everyone was struggling in different ways but wanted to remain positive and optimistic for the region and the future. Bluespot’s first office was opened in Armação de Pêra in December – one day soon they hope to be able to invite their clients to an official launch party!

Things have been challenging but, step by step, call by call, contacts and relationships have been established. They strive to be sensitive to owners’ understandable concerns about face-to-face meetings, and to clients’ worries about the possible need to cancel trips. Wherever possible they have adapted their service offering to suit specific needs in particular trying to provide support to people that for health reasons were sheltering or otherwise unable to travel or arrange things as they normally would. Bluespot focuses on gaining a clear understanding of every owner’s objectives and needs through direct and patient communication, and by bringing their experience and creative thinking to each unique situation.

Bluespot ensures maximum support is given to their carefully recruited and locally sourced property management teams. They pride themselves on their responsiveness and flexibility to meet individual owners’ needs. No task is too small and every client’s satisfaction is imperative. “We are confident that our commissions and charging structures are the most competitive in the Algarve. Our focus is not on maximising revenue, but rather on top quality and long term relationships with owners and maximising repeat visits by clients.”

Sophie and Gerard are cautiously confident that a wonderful summer is ahead of us in 2021, and they invite all Algarve property owners to get in touch and hear about the unique vacation rentals and property management services available from Bluespot.

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One of Bluespot's villas in the Algarve

Bedroom in one of Bluespot's villas in the Algarve

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