Local author to release book about life in Carvoeiro

Local author Karen Telling knows her subject well. She has lived in Praia do Carvoeiro (Lagoa) since 2003 and is about to launch a new book about this little corner of paradise.

Suitably titled “Another Day in Paradise”, the book is a heart-warming, autobiographical story told by an author who really knows her subject, the location and the lifestyle in this small village of the Algarve “as seen through the eyes of a British couple, who made the move seeking a quieter, more serene way of life”.

Speaking to the Resident this week, author Karen Telling said: “My husband Nick and I started coming to Carvoeiro on holiday in 1988 and moved over permanently from the UK in 2003 with our two dogs. We were quickly adopted by three street cats, and have gone on to rescue many, many more. We still live in Carvoeiro and I am now a Portuguese citizen.”

According to the book’s blurb, “what lurks in the shadows of paradise, however, is a life-changing illness she has struggled with in the past and now comes to the fore.

“They have made Portugal their home. Will they be able to navigate the health system and succeed in getting her the urgent operation needed, to prevent her from spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair?

“This adds tension to an otherwise gentle, amusing, highly descriptive story, filled with wonderful observations, funny clashes of culture and an entertaining learning curve for all concerned.

“The dialogue is so authentic, you can hear their voices. The characters appear real and three-dimensional and the supporting cast of cats and dogs at times threaten to steal the show. This is a fulfilling and satisfying read, uplifting, positive and makes you long for a sequel.”

The book will be available early September on Amazon and at local outlets, including the second-hand bookshop in Carvoeiro and The Bed Warehouse in Lagoa.

Check Facebook page “Karen Telling Writer” for news of when the book will be released, information on price and availability. To get in touch with the author, contact her via Facebook Messenger.

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Author Karen Telling