Local artist pays tribute to Portuguese icons in new exhibition

A new exhibition by Portuguese artist Jorge dos Santos, which pays tribute to some of Portugal’s biggest icons including poet Fernando Pessoa and Fado singer Amália Rodrigues, will be unveiled on November 27 at the Adérita Artistic Space gallery in Vale do Lobo.

The exhibition is called “Portugal Nostalgia” and “explores a poetic inventory of the current scars” that the artist bears, “providing insight into memories of his childhood and the ideas he can recall from the time.”

Although he was born in the Algarve, Santos grew up in the Belgian city of Liege, only returning to Portugal as an adult.

Adds the gallery: “The artist focuses on new times marked by the presence of digital means while remaining in tune with artistic creation. He provides a view of creation as deformation, or even the positive or negative sublimation of any element – a way of covering reality rather than changing it. Here, creation appears to be a game in which previously conceived ideas are left behind, and works of art take shape, becoming physical matter.”

The art gallery is open from 10am to 6pm between Monday and Saturday. The exhibition will remain on display until December 18.