Living the dream

news: Living the dream

A new BBC2 documentary series about the trials and tribulations of leaving your homeland to live abroad will be screened next month. The programme ‘Living the Dream’ features Loulé restaurateurs, Jan, Mario and Luigi, as the willing stars of one show.

After a few teething problems, including a broken-down oven and a last minute booking for 34 golfers from Wales on the opening night, the doors of Jan, Mario and Luigi Tartaglia’s Italian restaurant are now well and truly open for business.

The family decided to leave Wales almost a year ago and ‘live the dream’ by moving to the Algarve and opening the Scarinzi restaurant. The Tartaglias have had their fair share of difficulties, all of which were caught on camera by the BBC, warts and all.

If you would like to watch the Tartaglias making their dream come true, tune in to BBC2 on Sunday, March 7, at 9pm. To sample the end result of the family’s hard work, call 289 416 034 to book the Scarinzi restaurant.