Live music in Albufeira

Dear Editor, I would like to express heartfelt thanks to Mr Neil Storey of Oxford for playing his part in saving Portugal from bankruptcy by having a holiday in Albufeira.  

“You and I (tourists/customers from abroad) are supporting this country with EU bailouts”. For this reason Neil is very angry about live music in Albufeira old town being cut off at 11pm. Piped music till 1am just won’t do. Local residents are unpatriotic spoilsports if their protests have led to this. 

Of course! Neil is really an IMF bulldog – a troika man. Portugal must quickly get a system into place so that he is paid interest on each pint he buys. As we are beholden to him, we should, of course, keep the live music going till the end of his stay. 

Rule Britannia! 

Shelagh Ferreira, Cascais