Live acoustic music in Portimão

ON EVERY alternate Thursday there is an acoustic music evening at the Mariners restaurant/bar in Portimão hosted by Graham Cooper and Daryl Bye. The music spans from folk to swing with a mixture of well-known “standards” thrown in for good measure. Musicians and singers are welcome to play, the only rule we have is no drums or brass instruments please as the music played is not amplified and is easy listening.

Graham and Daryl have recently returned from a successful short tour of the UK and will be playing all of their favourites; they may even play some you know.

The music nights have been running for over two months and are proving to be very popular. Admission is only five euros but if you bring along an instrument and play or sing it’s free. The next music night is Thursday 5 May, 8.30pm onwards.

For more details phone either 282 442 270 or 282 332 961.