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Little Mermaid makes big splash

Review by Roman Crook (Year 10)

To celebrate the 14th anniversary of the choral Festival of Lagoa and the 40th anniversary of the International School of the Algarve (EIA), The Little Mermaid, an opera by Gita Nasta, was performed at the Lagoa Auditorium recently by a talented group of singers, a combination of the EIA’s Super troupe and the Ideas de Levante choir. It was a full house for both performance days.

Based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Anderson, the opera was a wonderful example of what hard work, dedication and talent can produce.

The music was haunting at times and uplifting at others, really carrying the audience to the wonders of the undersea world.

The opera was also visually spectacular; the costumes were particularly beautiful and colourful and were superbly enhanced by the projected scenery.

All in all, the music, the scenery, the costumes and, of course, the talent of the composer/director and the singers produced an amazing audio-visual display.

One outstanding scene was Sharkie’s park, which drew bursts of laughter and a standing ovation from the audience.

At the other end of the scale, the final scene of Mermeta’s death was very moving and powerful, even bringing a few tears in the audience.

The opera was a huge success and a perfect way to showcase the talent in the school and celebrate its 40th anniversary.