Litter everywhere

Dear Editor,

I simply cannot believe that no one seems to see all the plastic bottles and yoghurt pots and plastic bags that are on either side of all the approaching roads that lead into Loulé, which, I think, is well swept and kept really clean by the ladies that I see sweeping up people’s litter every day.    

If you come into Loulé from Faro on the western approach, it is dreadful coming down that hill from the Goldra turning – what must visitors think?

Come into Loulé from Querença and it is just

the same!   

Why aren’t these people heavily fined when they throw their litter out of their cars? If this is allowed to continue, I can see that people will go elsewhere to live or to go on holiday.

The same goes for Faro outskirts. I love living here and have done so for over 20 years but this rubbish menace is completely out of hand. Perhaps the Câmaras could put a special levy on everyone’s rates to pay for more cleaning up of streets and maybe then people would stop being so indifferent to the question of keeping the Algarve a clean and tidy place to live.  

Janet Bentley

By email