Listen very carefully,  I shall say this only once

It is time for the spring production from the Algarveans Theatre Group and in preparation of the ‘Allo! ‘Allo! Performance, different characters will be leaving messages in the Algarve Resident to let audiences know all the secret details…


“ ‘Allo, ‘Allo there are ‘appenings at René’s Café in France shshshsh………

“Now listen very carefully – I shall say this only once.

“In a small café in occupied France there are things ‘appening that are very, very secret.

“The proprietor Monsieur René is helping me, Michelle – to resist along with my many helpers, the invaders of our country. ‘Vive La France’ and underneath my gabardine with the tight belt I am ‘iding something extremely secret!

“All will be revealed when we cross the border into Portugal and ‘ave a secret rendezvous in Lagoa Auditorium this May (they ‘ave wonderful translating facilities for the British airmen and it is very comfortable).

“We are to meet with the Algarveans Theatre Group ‘oo ‘ave made very special arrangements for our top-secret visit and arranged many cunning disguises for our members.

“You must remember these instructions tell NO ONE of our visit in May to the Lagoa Auditorium on the 14th, 15th and 16th, our lives may be in danger. The secret number to call in case you wish to join with our resistance will be cunningly place in a newspaper advertisement very soon – remember tell NOBODY and watch for my messages.