Lisbon’s Sana Evolution is Portugal’s “first interactive hotel”

It cost €40 million to bring to life, and it is a new concept – an interactive, ecological hotel.

A hotel for tech-nerds who like smoothies and quinoa? In a phrase, yes it is.

Lisbon’s Sana Evolution has been devised for the urban business class that like the idea of “taking control” over its immediate space.

Says the blurb: At EVOLUTION you are in total control of your stay, your meals, your free time, your work. You experience your stay the same way you live your life: the way you want it.

Schneider Electric, involved in the project, explains: the hotel “functions as an extension of the city and of guests’ own homes”, giving them control over issues like light, the temperature of bedrooms and common areas.

Elsewhere, the centralised management ‘platform’, also controls a number of systems, including alarms, to the point that annual savings of up to 40% (of habitual hotel costs) can be made.

The hotel’s technical director João Carlos Gomes explains that the complex’s energy bills are “€35,000 below the estimates”.

Lisbon’s Sana Evolution is on the cutting edge of Sana’s plans for the future. You will find all booking details online. All you need to enjoy it is a smartphone, an attitude and a love of technology.

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