Lisbon’s high-speed electric tram accident gets worldwide coverage

News of the shocking accident last Friday that saw one of Lisbon’s iconic electric trams career down a hill at high speed and then derail, striking a building before falling on its side, got widespread media coverage throughout Europe and beyond this weekend, but the end result was the 28 people received minor injuries and operator Carris is now conducting an investigation into ‘what went wrong’.

Various newspapers carried dramatic photographs of the scene which even included a ‘surprise visit’ by President Marcelo, impelled to the disaster by television images.

In the UK, the Daily Mail suggested “British children” were among the injured. The Foreign Office has refuted this, saying no British nationals were involved. The BBC claims the children may have been American.

What is certain is that “tourists (possibly of multiple nationalities) looked on in horror” and there was a great deal of twisted metal and debris to sort through.

A six-month-old baby and a seven-year-old child were confirmed to have been among the injured, though no subsequent reports have gone into any further details.

Said Euronews: “Lisbon’s old trams are still an everyday form of public transport in the city and are also popular with tourists”.