Lisbon’s Galp bridge among world elite

Lisbon’s Galp bridge among world elite

Lisbon’s Galp bridge has been named one of the world’s 10 best by Designboom, which describes itself as the “leading online architecture and design magazine”.

Built by petrol company Galp and Lisbon council for €1.5 million, the orange bridge overlaps the busy 2ª Circular motorway between Telheiras and Torres de Lisboa.

It finally opened in February 2015 after a number of delays that saw it completed but closed for eight months.

“The construction of the bridge saw an effective increase in bicycle use in the city due to its strategy to encourage more leisure activities associated with cycling,” the magazine wrote.

It also praises the way the bridge “abolished the use of supporting columns”, making more room for ramps and staircase accesses.

The bridge’s architectural project was developed by Maximina Almeida and Telmo Cruz from MXT Studio.

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