Lisbon’s Covid-19 contingency measures extended to end of month

Today’s Council of Ministers has extended Lisbon’s virus-led contingency measures to the end of the month, with some minor changes.

The rest of the country remains in the slightly lighter situation of ‘State of Alert’.

What changes in Lisbon is that from now on local councils will be able to take the lead in deciding business operating hours.

There will still need to be discussions with health and security forces, but it looks more likely that timetables for shops and other businesses will slowly be extended.

Explain reports, some will be able to start opening earlier in the mornings.

The plan for public services is that they remain as they are now: running schedules by appointment (with people either ringing or emailing bookings in advance).

From Saturday (which is a Public Holiday) social support centres (like Centros de Dia – day centres) will be able reopen under strict rules of hygiene and physical distancing.

Said health minister Marta Temido in today’s press briefing, Portugal’s combat of the pandemic in old people’s homes is “having a very positive evolution”.