Lisbon tenants give government’s new housing policies thumbs up
AIL is delighted by the measures announced last night. Its Facebook page attests to this with a photo of Romão Lavadinho shaking hands with the new housing minister, Marina Gonçalves

Lisbon tenants give government’s new housing policies thumbs up

Only fear they won’t be enacted quickly enough

With an ‘outcry’ of opposition to the government’s housing policies announced early yesterday evening, one might ask “is anyone happy with the ideas?”

The answer is yes: ‘the little people’ – the people who mounted protests outside the meeting of the Council of Ministers yesterday, and those who staged a symbolic tent protest in Braga.

Romão Lavadinho, president of AIL, the association of Lisbon tenants, said the measures will most certainly benefit tenants and owners. His only fear is that they will take too long to enact.

“My only question is when will this all be put into practice? If it’s not just another decision that will take five to 10 year to be implemented”, he told SIC television news.

“What we would ask is that it is implemented rapidly so that tenants can benefit as well as property owners, through the tax regime”.

The new mechanism for the government to step in if tenants fall into arrears was also welcomed, as Romão Lavadinho points out that decent housing is a right enshrined within the Portuguese constitution.

Source: SIC