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Gentle giants at Casuals

For the first time since our launch in September, The Resident – Greater Lisbon Edition can bring you a report on rugby, the so-called sport of gentle giants. With the visit to Lisbon of HMS Southampton, it was a chance for the Casuals’ Rugby Team to take on a warship at this sport with the oval ball. From the outset, the umpire laid down his rules and the whistle went, as did the ball with a first almighty boot far into the Casuals’ half. It was soon evident that the servicemen, who spend most of their time on a floating chunk of metal at sea, were quite fit. They soon had the Casuals worried, but found it hard to penetrate the Casuals’ defence. After the first break, the Southampton team soon got to grips and scored again and again. The Casuals fought hard and did well to contain the opposition, but Southampton went away the victors.

Paddy Bash Hash

The LH3 assembled recently for a celebration of St Patrick’s Day with the Paddy Bash Hash. In total, 24 Hashers, one ‘virgin’ and two Hash dogs took part. The hare, No Moor, had elected to hold a ‘live’ Hash, which means the trail is not laid by the hares prior to the run, but is set while the runners and walkers chase them. Double Digit Midget volunteered to be the co-hare.

The starting point was the Sintra side of Capuchos. The hares were given a 10-minute start by the walkers (wimps) and, five minutes later, the runners (Rambos) also gave chase. The trail took the Hashers down the Serra to the small lakes just above the beautiful Monserrate Park and then back up the hills to Capuchos. The traditional Hash circle followed under the direction of the acting Hash master, Flying Dane.

The virgin introduced himself as a French officer on posting in Portugal. One Hasher became a ‘no name’ for having successfully completed five runs with the LH3 and will await his Hash handle at the next Hash. The two ‘no names’ from the last Hash underwent their Hash christening and will be henceforth know as ‘Sexy Bottom’ and ‘Speedy Gonzalez’ – the latter being a Mexican street dog.

• The next LH3 Hash will be on March 26. Meet at the usual place behind the Estoril Casino at 1.50pm.

Contributed by Depth Charge

Gaelic games a huge hit

March 5 will be remembered at the Casuals’ Sports and Social Club as the day Irish football took over their hallowed turf. The day was a huge success with more than 100 people turning up from all over the country. There was Gaelic Football for adults and children, and a Puc Fada competition to see who could hit a ‘sliotar’ (ball) the furthest with a hurley (stick). When the games finished, it was time for some live Irish Music, with The Melting Pot. Contributed by Emer Roberts