Lisbon registers new boom in AL registrations

Homeowners race to beat ‘moratorium’ which came into effect last Friday

The first three months of 2022 saw an absolute race by homeowners to register properties in Lisbon for Alojamento Local (short-term tourist rentals).

The boom, seeing another 738 properties join the scheme, represented a 381% increase on registrations in 2021, and totally countered the ethos behind the moratorium, which was to return accessibility in Lisbon to local working people.

Now that the rush has passed – and huge swathes of central Lisbon are effectively ‘off-limits’ to locals – 14 of the cities 24 parishes have to ensure that AL does not exceed the ratio of 2.5% of homes in their areas.

In many areas, this percentage will have been exceeded many months ago, but only now is it ‘against the law’ – and the law is not even permanent: the new rules are described as ‘a temporary suspension’ only, running for six months, extendible to a year.

It is possible however that future municipal rules on AL in Lisbon will continue the regulation.

For now, Diário de Notícias has given a run-down on areas where AL far exceeds the 2.5% limit: the parish of Santa Maria Maior has no less than 52% of properties under the regime, Misericórdia 39%, Santo António 26%, São Vicente 16%, Arroios 14% and Estrela 11%.

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