Lisbon PSP launches animal abuse mailbox

A new email address ([email protected]) has been launched by Lisbon PSP police offering citizens an easy way to report cases of animal abuse and abandonment. The 21POLICIA telephone line (217654242) is already available for this purpose.

The moves are all part of a new campaign entitled ‘Maus tratos a animais são crime’ (Mistreating animals is a crime).

The email and phone number are to be used mostly by Lisbon locals – although citizens from other parts of the country can use them to find out who to call in their area or to request general information on the country’s animal laws.

Lisbon’s animal ombudsman Inês Real told reporters at the presentation of the campaign this week that “around 100,000 animals are abandoned in Portugal every year, 3,000 of which in Lisbon”.

“The number of animals abandoned is even greater in the summer,” explained PSP spokesman Hugo Abreu, who expects animal abuse and abandonment reports to increase significantly with this new campaign.

GNR police also have a phone number (808200520) which people can use to report “environmental and animal-related crimes”, as well as a webpage (click here

Portugal’s new animal protection law came into effect on October 1 last year, criminalising animal abuse and abandonment.

Since then, GNR’s SEPNA environmental division has received 2,239 reports – 50 of which have led to criminal proceedings.