Lisbon-Porto mainline train services halted as fire spreads

Train services on Portugal’s Northern Line between Lisbon and Porto were cut on Sunday between Fátima and Albergaria due to the reignition of a fire between Ourém and Aveiro.

The rail infrastructure manager, Infraestruturas de Portugal (IP), told Lusa that, since 15:18, “the train services have been suspended in both directions on the northern line because of a wildfire”.

Portugal’s train operator, CP, said that the trains that were running on the Northern Line “are stopped” and that those who were due to leave from Lisbon and Porto have been held back, until there is authorization to re-start the service

CP also said it is “considering replacement bus services”.

On Friday, the North Line was cut due to the same fire in Ourém, which forced CP to provide bus services for passengers on trains that had to stop.

The fire in Ourém that had been brought under control on Saturday reignited early Sunday afternoon, a source from the District Command of Rescue Operations of Santarém told Lusa.

Source: Lusa