Lisbon Players case

Dear Editor,

I read with some depression your report of the Court action that the Lisbon Players have brought against the British Government in respect of the ownership of the Estrela Hall in Lisbon.

Whoever advised the Lisbon Players to start this ridiculous action, and incur, presumably, vast legal fees for themselves as well as the defendant, should be sent to the wall.  

The group of properties in the Estrela site, known as the ‘British enclave’ – St.George’s Church, the Cemetery, the Parsonage, the British Hospital, the Estrela Hall, and the Royal British Club – have for centuries been properties used and enjoyed by the British community.

Having been a member of that community for more than 40 years, I am fully aware, as we all are, that these properties cannot be claimed, and snatched away from the community, on the ground of long and uninterrupted  use or occupation.

I believe the Lisbon Players were offered a share of the proceeds of sale of the site, in the event of a purchaser being found.

By starting this inept Court action, I sincerely trust that that offer has now been withdrawn, and that they receive nothing if the site is sold in the future.