Lisbon Nazi at liberty

A LISBON skinhead, who attacked an immigrant, kept images of black children with the phrase ‘don’t feed the animals’ and vandalised Lisbon’s Jewish cemetery, was allowed to walk free by a high court judge last week.

The man, nicknamed the ‘Nazis’ Wolf’, had roughed up the immigrant on the day that groups of skinheads rallied in Lisbon in April to celebrate the birth of Adolf Hitler.

The 24-year-old man, a member of the Portuguese neo-Nazi movement, the National Front (Frente Nacional), since 2004, was arrested by the PSP police but on Thursday was released by the judge.

The man was caught by police in possession of a semi-automatic rifle, a grenade and two knives and stands accused of racial discrimination, physical assault and three counts of illegally being in possession of firearms and other prohibited weapons.

The defendant is to join 36 other skinheads facing court but, according to the Frente Nacional’s leader Mário Machado, is awaiting his trial at home.

The ‘Nazis’ Wolf’ received charges from the Ministério Publico (MP) on September 15 and less than one week later vandalised the Jewish cemetery in Avenida Afonso III with a 16-year-old new recruit.

A passer-by heard noises and called the police, who caught the two men red-handed.

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