Lisbon Naval cadet, 22, collapses and dies on 6km run round base

A 22-year-old Naval cadet has collapsed and died during a physical education session, involving a 6km run round Lisbon’s Almada Naval base.

Say reports the young man fell at the 5th km mark. He was “quickly assisted by fellow cadetes, by monitors and by an official that practices sport who happened to be passing the spot”.

Commander Fernando Fonseca told reporters the cadet was “immediately transported to the centre for Naval medicine by the support vehicle” following the run – where he was “assisted by a medical team that administered differentiated assistance”.

INEM too was contacted and promptly arrived at the site.

The cadet was then taken to the capital’s Hospital de S. José were further reanimation efforts went ahead, “but it was not possible to revert the situation”, a source explained, saying death was declared at 10.40 this morning.

The run is described as having began at 8.30, with the cadet collapsing at 8.55.

A statement from the Navy – stressing the moment of “profound pain for the naval family” – has said it is giving “all support, particularly psychological” to the young man’s family and friends.

According to Observador this 6km run was a regular event, and the cadet had passed all the routine physical exams.

Temperatures in Lisbon this morning were also unremarkable for the time of year: 18ºC, a source told the online paper.

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