Lisbon named one of best European destinations

Portugal’s capital Lisbon has been named one of the “top 10 best European destinations” by London-based magazine Time Out. The publication says it avoided mentioning the obvious destinations, focusing instead on a “Deep Europe experience”.

“Bored by Berlin? Tired of Tuscany? Paris? We’ve all been there. If you’re serious about your European destinations, these are the places to head for…,” it continues.

Lisbon comes in 10th on the list, with an “infinite number of reasons to be visited”.

“Boasting world-class restaurants (which excel in seafood), a reputation for style and a long artistic pedigree, Portugal’s first city continues to draw in punters with its cultural and culinary charms,” says Time Out, also taking the opportunity to promote Mercado da Ribeira – a fish market dating back to the 13th century which the magazine took over in 2010 to turn into a bustling food court.

“When we learned that the city council was seeking bids for the chance to manage a large part of the iconic attraction, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity,” it explains.

Beyond Lisbon, the best European destinations list includes Reykjavik (Iceland), Gozo (Malta), Riga (Latvia), Split (Croatia), Copenhagen and Malmö (Denmark and Sweden), Tbilisi (Georgia), Kraków (Poland), Costa Brava (Spain) and Stuttgart (Germany).