Lisbon judges ‘reject’ Sócrates’ request to sack superjudge Carlos Alexandre

Following the bizarre television interview given to SIC by so-called superjudge Carlos Alexandre, Lisbon’s appeal court has rejected a bid by former prime minister José Sócrates to remove Alexandre from the Marquês investigation – still probing suspicions of Sócrates’ alleged corruption, fiscal fraud and money-laundering – on the grounds that reasons cited by Sócrates are not sufficiently serious.

Marques has been running for over two years now without charges having been brought.

Sócrates’ defence team maintains time-limits have been illegally overstretched, as throughout national media stories that should be covered by secrecy of justice continue to leak lurid details.

The latest is that “all trace” of the case centering on one of the companies headed up by Sócrates’ lifelong friend and co-defendant Carlos Santos Silva has “disappeared”, at “incalculable cost” to the State.

The loss came as a result of “reorganisation” within the Ministry of Internal Administration by the last government, reports national tabloid Correio da Manhã.

Operation Marquês was due to be concluded this month, but time for further investigation has been yet again extended.

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