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Lisbon is top city to live in

A recent study ranks Lisbon among the 60 best cities in the world to live.

The Portuguese capital was placed in 57th place in a list of 140 cities around the world published by the research and advisory company Economist Intelligence Unit.

Among the criteria used to compile the list was stability, health care, culture, environment, education and infrastructure.

Lisbon scored its best result with regard to culture and environment, while at the opposite end of the scale were its stability and infrastructure.

For the first time in almost a decade of reporting liveability, Vancouver is not at the top of the ranking of 140 cities.

Melbourne has taken top spot in the survey and second is the Austrian capital Vienna.

Vancouver is now third, followed by Toronto, also in Canada.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit, in Europe there has been a slight depreciation in liveability driven by the current crisis in the Eurozone.

This is particularly the case in Greece, where austerity measures and the resulting protests see Athens with a rating below those of San Juan in Puerto Rico and Montevideo in Uruguay.

Harare (Zimbabwe) is the lowest-scoring city.