“Lisbon is the new Barcelona… but better”

London newspaper Evening Standard has listed “10 reasons why you should visit Lisbon in 2016”, saying the Portuguese capital is “the new Barcelona… but better”.

“It has a warm Mediterranean climate and sandy beaches, it’s affordable and there are plenty of fiestas to be had. What’s not to love about Lisbon, one of the hottest new destinations for 2016? It’s basically the new Barcelona – minus the Brit stag and hen parties,” writes contributor Kate Lough.

Her list of reasons to visit Portugal’s capital begins with its affordability.

“It’s one of the cheapest capital cities in Europe – but not everyone seems to have cottoned onto that yet. A pint of beer in Lisbon costs just £1.39, compared with £3.39 in Barcelona, £3.81 in Amsterdam and a whopping £5.39 in Paris.”

Lough also praises the variety of activities the city offers, its large hours of sunlight per year, and its “real party scene”, plus it is “just two hours away” (from London by plane).

Lisbon is also “popular with celebs such as Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran”, though it is named one of the “quietest” capitals in the world.

Finally, Lough recommends the city’s “beautiful cultural and historical attractions”, considering it to be a “compact city” that has “accessible distinct areas for bar-hopping, shopping and stunning beaches all in walking distance.”

The full article can be found here (click here).

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